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What is a silicone roof coating?

It is a permanently attached monolithic layer of silicone that can be applied to virtually any existing roofing surface to create a seamless membrane that protects against permanent ponding water, ultraviolet light and severe weather.

What is a foam roof system?

A foam roof system is a rigid high density sprayed on closed cell polyurethane foam insulation designed for exterior use.   It is used to create a smooth permanently attached high tensile strength layer to your existing roof.  It is used on roof's where silicone cannot be applied directly to your existing roof or simply to just add more insulation.  It is normally applied in depths of one to two inches.  Silicone is then applied on top of the polyurethane foam insulation to protect it from sunlight.

How much R-value does foam insulation add?

Closed cell foam insulation will add an R-value of  R 4.9 to  R 7.1 per inch.  If  you install a two inch layer foam roof system you will add a R-value of 9.8 to 14.2 to your existing structure.

Is closed cell polyurethane foam insulation waterproof?

Yes.  Polyurethane foam insulation is recognized by FEMA as a flood resistant material.

Is silicone / foam a permanent solution to my leaking roof?

YES!  Every system that we install comes with a free 10, 15 or a 20 year material warranty from our manufacturers and a no cost workmanship warranty from USA Roof Coatings.  In addition a No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty is also available from all of our manufacturers.

Is a silicone or a silicone and foam roof system cheaper than a conventional type of roof?

YES!  In most cases a silicone or a silicone and foam roof system is much cheaper than a conventional type of roof such as TPO roof, modified roof or a built up roof system.

Will a silicone / foam roof system keep me from tearing off my old roof?

Nine times out of ten the answer is YES.  This is one of the biggest advantages to a silicone / foam roof system.  If  we can walk on your roof, then most likely we can save it and give you a brand new roof without the HUGE added expense of doing a tear off.

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